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Aromatherapy for Healing and Transformation.

Aromatic Kinesiology was created in 1992 by Robbi Zeck ND in order to explore the psychological and mood enhancing effects of essential oils and is offered as a training and seminar series throughout Australia and internationally.

Robbi has also authored the inspirational and highly successful book The Blossoming Heart - Aromatherapy for Healing and Transformation

Aromatic Kinesiology embraces beauty, transformation and balance and focuses on how to influence your physical health, your state of mind and your connection to spirit through exploring aromatherapy from an emotional perspective.

Learn how emotional patterns affect your health and wellbeing, the effect of essential oils, foods and nutrients on the acupuncture meridians and the chakra energy system, activation of the lymphatic system and detoxification methods for skin imbalances. Discover stress release techniques and reframe emotional issues with creative imagery, guided visualisations and affirmations.

Utilizing The Essential Oil Reflections as metaphors for change you will discover how to use essential oils in a similar way to Bach and other Flower Essences. Accessing the symbolic expressions of essential oils enhances your capacity to let go of symptoms, to restore balance and to open into a broader way of thinking and feeling.

Learn practical skills to uncover and diffuse the issues associated with emotional imbalance and distress, while deepening your awareness of the connection between essential oils, emotions and the body, mind and spirit.

Aromatic Kinesiology is an opportunity to learn simple practices, utilizing the potency of essential oils, that will restore, re-energize and revive you, making a profound difference in your life.

"Aromatic Kinesiology is an exquisitely blended synergy of love, light and fragrance in a precious base of muscle testing. I was delighted and felt greatly enriched personally and professionally."
  ~ Dr. Angela Brunstein - Rome, Italy