Overview of Aromatic Kinesiology Seminars


Aromatic Kinesiology is an empowering system of energetic medicine, developed over a 14 year period by Robbi Zeck ND, that blends the harmonizing influences of essential oils with gentle healing techniques to balance the emotions, transform stress and create wellbeing.

Aromatic Kinesiology synthesizes concepts from many systems of healing, including psychology, Indian chakra and Chinese five element systems, aromatherapy and affirmations and uses kinesiology muscle testing as a biofeedback tool, to assist in reframing emotional issues and transforming patterns of limitation.

When emotions are harmonised with the effects of essential oils strong intention and genuine heart, the body gently responds as it was designed to be - a self-restoring network.

Aromatic Kinesiology is a series of seminars comprising:-

Aromatic Kinesiology is a gentle, yet powerful healing journey of personal renewal that will enhance the spirit, look and feel of your life, using essential oils as potent aromatic anchors, to restore balance and facilitate positive change.

Everybody learns differently and this concept is infused into each of these beautiful and heartfelt seminars. Inspiring lectures, captivating stories and music, comprehensive manuals, visually stimulating power point presentations, personal exercises, group activities and partner work, are all specifically designed to deepen your experience and offer a framework for success-full living and wellbeing.

The skills you will learn during these seminars are equally applicable to yourself, your family, friends and clients and will empower you to use essential oils effectively to influence your physical health, your state of mind and your connection to spirit.

Many people have achieved life changing results through attending Aromatic Kinesiology seminars and have been able to attain and sustain extraordinary outcomes in their lives.

Robbi's pioneering work on the psychological benefits of essential oils and how they affect the integration of emotional experiences, is also beautifully portrayed in her inspirational book The Blossoming Heart - Aromatherapy for Healing and Transformation


Robbi's inspirational, ground-breaking book
"The Blossoming Heart - Aromatherapy for Healing and Transformation" has now acheived best seller status and has been translated into Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.

Copies are available via our book order page